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    "Informed and engaged families are vital to student achievement…and, deserve to be treated with respect and welcomed by SPS staff as partners in delivering excellence for every student.”

    (From Seattle Public Schools' Excellence for All Strategic Plan, Page 39)

    At Orca K-8, we already know that involved, engaged families help our students achieve great things, both academically and socially. Parents are involved in the PTSA, Progressive Education Group, Garden Committee, Many Cultures One World, SEED, Safety Committee, Race Forum, and more.


    Orca has started a FEAT – Family Engagement Action Team. We have met 3 times so far this year, and plan to meet at least monthly from here on out. Our team has 4 parents, 2 teachers, 3 staff members, and 2 community members (1st Base and Powerful Schools). But what do we do, and how are we different than other groups at Orca?

    The Family Engagement Action Team works along with all other groups at our school to:

    1. Find areas the CSIP (Continuous School Improvement Plan) that can benefit from family and community support, and
    2. Brainstorms ways that family and community can help Principal Talbert and Asst. Principal Manuel meet the CSIP goals

    In this issue of the Wave, and in future issues as well, we will be highlighting some of the work that the FEAT is up to. Curious what our first project is? Read on!

    PROJECT #1

    Bringing more family, parent, and community volunteer support to our middle school classrooms

    Many of our CSIP goals focus on academic needs in our middle school classrooms, specifically in math and writing. The PTSA has put a call out for more volunteer support in the classrooms, to work directly with the students during classroom instruction. There is a vital need for more parents on our 3rd floor, whether or not you currently have a middle school child!

    The FEAT will be working with Principal Talbert and Head Teacher Donte Felder to come up with creative ways to meet this need. We want to move on this fast – as in, NOW – and start giving our MS kids and teachers more support! This includes helping parents figure out how they can use the skills they have to help in the classroom, as well as helping teachers figure out what help they really need! Look for more info to follow, and contact Dayna if interested in helping organize this important work – Dayna Provitt, FEAT Coordinator,