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    Orca K-8 Middle School

    Donte and Stacy

    Orca offers a middle school experience you can't get anywhere else. The cornerstone of our middle school is our one-of-a-kind academy program. Students choose to enroll in either our Social and Environmental Justice Academy or our Film and Theater Academy.

    Social and Environmental Justice Academy

    The Social and Environmental Justice Academy in middle school is led by Ms. Jeanetta Murray and Mr. Tafuta Fundisha-Bey. The focus of the academy is looking at the world the way it is and discussing ways our scholars can make a difference. We emphasize that students are Agents of Change. Multiple strategies are in place to help all our scholars succeed. Students participate in debates and meaningful discussions, learn new vocabulary, read and write about current events, and engage in building stronger communities. Our goal is to help our scholars become the Agents of Change we believe them to be.

    The Film and Theater Academy

    The Orca Film Academy has partnered with The Film School and the Seattle Repertory Theater to help create a unique experience for students to learn history and language arts through the lens of a filmmaker. There are a number of community members who are supporting the academy, too. Stacey Adams, a former executive for Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory will teach students screenwriting, producing, and allow students to peek behind the scenes.

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