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    School Board adopts new elementary math program

    June 5, 2014

    With a 4-3 vote, the Seattle School Board on June 4 approved Math in Focus as the new textbook for kindergartens through 5th-graders.

    The vote came after a lengthy discussion about the merits of both Math in Focus and enVision Math, which was the program recommended by the Math Adoption Committee.

    The new textbooks and materials will be ordered this month and put to use in the 2014-15 school year.

    Adam Dysart Math Adoption co-coordinator
    Shawn Sipe Math Adoption co-coordinator
    and Math Adoption Committee members

    Math Adoption Committee recommends enVision Math Program for K-5 math adoption

    The Seattle Public Schools Math Adoption Committee chose the enVision Math Program for grades Kindergarten through Fifth to be recommended to the Seattle School Board for adoption.

    In Fall 2013, the Math Adoption Committee developed the criteria for the initial selection process in order to narrow the choices for further consideration. These criteria were applied to the eight math resource proposals the committee received for review. The public was also invited to review the same materials and provide feedback.

    Following further study, the committee reduced the list to four. (One of those four was subsequently eliminated due to a breach of protocol related to the request for proposal.) With three proposals remaining, the committee provided display materials for public review at six locations (five Seattle schools and one public library), and requested community feedback on the finalists.

    The committee conducted a more thorough analysis of the three remaining programs and took into account community opinion in its final decision-making process. This analysis involved reviewing multiple data points that included community input; strengths and weaknesses as identified through the established criteria; publisher overviews; and expertise of committee members.

    The committee heard the pros and cons for all programs and options on the table and after considerable deliberation approved enVision by a vote of 21-6. This decision was based on the strengths of the program, which included the following:

    • Meets strong practice standards and Seattle Public Schools standards for cultural relevance and freedom from bias. In addition, of the three finalist programs it was best aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
    • Features strong differentiated homework materials.
    • Offers more problem sets leading to mastery and better progression of lesson building.
    • Provides a variety of assessment materials adjustable to students’ needs, including online immediate feedback.
    • Offers quality graphic presentations appropriate to the text and the students.

    Please be assured the entire process was carefully monitored by the School Board’s subcommittee on Curriculum & Instruction and Policy and the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC).

    Next, the recommendation goes to the IMC for its approval that the math adoption process was appropriately followed. From there, the Superintendent will review the recommendation, which will then be introduced to the full School Board at its May 21 meeting. The board is scheduled to vote on the math program at its June 4 meeting.

    Adoption Overview

    • The Seattle School Board has directed the creation of an Adoption Committee for Kindergarten and grades 1 – 5 mathematics instructional materials as is established by the Selection & Adoption of Instructional Materials Policy No. 2015.
    • The Adoption Committee shall, after evaluating a range of instructional materials and soliciting community input, recommend for adoption mathematics instructional materials for Kindergarten and grades 1 through 5.
    • The recommended mathematics instructional materials will be selected to meet state standards identified as the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) as well as identified criteria set forth in policy.
    • School Board-adopted instructional materials will support the curriculum as outlined in state and college readiness expectations with the same high-quality materials. These expectations shall build on one another as students advance from one grade to the next.
    • >
    • The mathematics instructional materials adoption will allow the District to provide targeted support for teachers and schools. A common set of standards-based expectations across the District will allow for better focus of professional development and support.
    • The mathematics instructional materials adoption will meet cultural relevance and accessibility standards and will ensure flexibility sufficient to meet the special needs of individuals and groups, including these receiving Special Education, English Language Learner (ELL) or Advanced Learning Services.

    Develop a diverse and collaborative committee of mathematics teachers, family and community members, and subject matter experts to review and select mathematics instructional materials for Kindergarten and grades 1 through 5. These materials will be aligned with the CCSS-M, focused on the CCSS-M, and articulated across grade levels.

    The Adoption Committee will:

    • Review the standards for each course as set forth in the CCSS-M.
    • Establish review criteria for evaluating submitted instructional materials from publishers that adhere to the purpose of the instructional materials adoption.
    • Use the established criteria to recommend mathematics instructional materials for Kindergarten and grades 1 through 5 for adoption by the Seattle School Board.

    Committee Members

    Seattle School Board Policy 2015:

    Members of the committee shall represent the levels and subject area scheduled for adoption. Additional members, as appropriate, may include paraprofessionals; representatives from English Language Learning, Special Education, or Advanced Learning departments; families; and community members. The Adoption Committee should reflect the diversity of the district.

    Confirmed SPS K-5 Math Adoption Committee members 2013-14


    Name Position/ expertise & other experience School
    Cynthia Henton Math Specialist middle school Northgate
    John Leahy Gr3-5 Multi-Age blended Green Lake
    Matt Stemle Gr1 Maple
    Aschenaki Lulu K-5 Title I Math Specialist Gatzert
    Sue Fluegel House Admin intervention Beacon Hill International School
    Nancy Kiser Gr3-5 math adoption Kimball
    Debbie Bermet Math Specialist Olympic Hills
    Kristin Wagler K-2 Math Specialist Special Ed, APP Coe
    Sabrina Kovacs-Storlie Gr3 math specialist, immersion Schmitz Park
    Diana Einmo Gr K-5 Specialist ELL McDonald International School
    Andrea Escame-Hedger Math Specialist intervention, middle & high school Pathfinder
    Paula Eisenrich Gr2-3 Multi-Age math adoption Montlake
    Tricia Lewicki Gr4-5 Specialist Beacon Hill International School
    Sally Nguyen Gr1 ELL Arbor Heights
    Fredrick Ngobi Gr5 math adoption Lafayette

    Parent/Community Members

    Name Experiences related to math and community involvement School affiliation
    Phyllis Lewis Parent, Partnership Advisory Committee (SPS), Department of Early Learning (rep), preschool teacher Dearborn Park, Mercer, Franklin, Cleveland
    Mark Taylor Math ALO program coordinator, Advisory board Zeno Math Coe
    Damon Ellingston Community College math teacher, textbook adoption experience N/A
    Elizabeth Orme Parent, High School math teacher Lawton, Roosevelt
    Dao H. Mai Parent, Curriculum & eLearning developer Greenwood
    Morena Newton Parent, Math Methods teacher, University of Washington, textbook adoption experience Beacon Hill International School
    Laurestine Bradford High School student , Extracurricular math clubs/classes Ingraham
    Martin McIntosh Parent, Faculty Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Stevens
    Patricia Robertson Substitute teacher, 23 years SPS teacher, ELL Muir, Kimball, Greenwood, North Beach
    Kerim Aydin Parent, Scientist, teacher (UW), focused on statistical fields of mathematics Jane Addams K-8
    Richard Burke Parent, Professional Engineer Hamilton, Ingraham
    Chanhom Lee Instructional Aide, 40 years experience in elementary education Dunlap

    November 14, 2013 meeting minutes
    December 9, 2013 meeting minutes December 19, 2013 meeting minutes
    January 15, 2014 emergency meeting minutes
    February 7, 2014 meeting minutes
    March 7, 2014 meeting minutes
    April 25, 2014 meeting minutes not yet approved by committee

    Current Adoption Timeline
    Please keep in mind that this is a draft and a fluid document, subject to change at any time.


    Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

    RCW 28A.320.230