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Stacy Stark in front of visual arts wall

Hello! I’m Stacy Stark, your child’s Visual Art teacher at Orca. There are amazing things happening in the art studio already! We’ve moved out to the annex next to the greenhouse – tons of light and space filled with possibility! On any given day, you’ll hear music, laughter and creative activity!

Art at Orca is fun! But my ultimate goal for my students is for them to acknowledge and know that they are artists. Artists aren’t just people who can draw realistically like so many of us think. Sometimes we think of Art as “just an add-on”. But we know through brain and learning research that art-making creates positive brain chemistry, new connections and strengthens and grows brain cells. Below are not just traits of creative people, but life skills!

  • Artists make decisions
  • Artists try new things
  • Artists experiment
  • Artists share ideas
  • Artists appreciate each other
  • Artists reflect
  • Artists express themselves
  • Artists practice new skills
  • Artists tell stories
  • Artists collaborate
  • Artists solve problems
  • Artists celebrate multiple perspectives
  • Artists speak with images, rather than words
  • Artists share what’s important to them
  • Artists take risks
  • Artists persevere
  • Artists develop confidence
  • Artists communicate in multiple forms
  • Artists use their imaginations

I believe every person is creative and an artist! In all my classes, K-8, students:  

  • Explore various MEDIA (paint, pastel, markers, foil, etc.), practice and learn new skills (drawing, building, blending colors, shading, etc.) and care for and use a variety of tools and equipment
  • Make art that has meaning
  • Sit with mistakes and happy accidents
  • Give students CHOICES around pacing, process, ability, media and interpretation
  • Develop visual literacy (vocabulary building) starting with the Elements of art making (line, shape, color, texture, space, form, value) and Principles of art making (balance, proportion, pattern, rhythm unity, emphasis, contrast)
  • Reflect – including “gallery walks”, success and challenge conversations, sharing medium discoveries, appreciations and vocabulary review
  • Middle schoolers are with me for a full quarter and will specifically explore 1) life drawing, 2) 3D art, 3) abstract art and 4) color theory

I’m looking forward to a fun and creative year with your child!

student artwork
student artwork
student artwork