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The Orca staff believe that the mastery of mathematics concepts and skills comes with connecting our classroom math activities with students’ lives. In addition, mastery requires repeated exposure and practice, not just one lesson. The Orca staff draws these parallels to life while using Everyday Math for K-5, CMP2 for 6-7th, and Pre-Algebra for 8th grade.

Everyday Math Background

  • Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project
  • Based on research about how children learn and develop mathematical understanding
  • Provides the broad mathematical background needed in the 21st century

In Everyday Math you can expect to see…

  • a problem-solving approach based on on everyday situations
  • an instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly
  • frequent practice of basic skills, often through games
  • lessons based on activities and discussion, not a textbook
  • math content that goes beyond basic arithmetic

Online Resources

Everyday Math online
Seattle Public Schools Elementary Math Page


In 2005, Seattle Public Schools adopted CMP2 as its core curricular material for middle school mathematics.  CMP2 texts are divided into units, and students use/take home only one unit at a time.  Each chapter of the book is divided into investigations which are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.  At the end of each investigation is an ACE (Applications, Connections, Extensions) section and a set of problems, from which homework is generally assigned.  Generally, red books are for 6th grade and blue books for 7th grade, although some books have been moved to address specific state standards for each grade.

Online Resources
Seattle Public Schools Middle School Math Page


All students are able to investigate scientifically in order to construct and acquire conceptual understanding of their world, develop positive scientific attitudes, and become scientifically literate. This is accomplished through a collaborative, interactive, rigorous science program responsive to the needs of diverse learners. In addition, students discover science in their world as they work in and explore the Orca Garden. For more detail about science units, access the district pacing guides and standards guides linked below. For a basic overview, the units taught at each grade level are listed below.


1st Grade
Balls & Ramps

2nd Grade
Balancing & Weighing

3rd Grade
Rock & Minerals
Plant Growth and Development

4th Grade
Circuits & Pathways
Food Chemistry

5th Grade
Land & Water
Models & Designs