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Welcome to the Orca Library!

Greetings from Ms. Appleyard!

My goal as Orca’s Teacher-Librarian is to provide a safe and dynamic space for reading, researching, and interacting with a variety of information resources. At Orca we aspire for our students to become empowered by encouraging a love of reading and supporting curiosity for the world around them.

Come and see me in the Orca Library! You are always welcome.

Library Book Check Out Opportunities!

Students have an opportunity to come to the library during their classroom’s library time. All students have a designated time to come and check out books. In addition to this, students are sent to the library individually or in small groups with a note from their teachers. 

Library Class Schedule

8:55-9:25 Ms. Elizabeth/Ms. Sara
1:00-1:40 Ms. French
1:50-2:30 Ms. Royce

9:00-9:25 Ms. P
11:00-11:40 Phi Ho
1:00-1:40 Mr. Zimmerman
1:50-2:30 Ms. Jackie

9:30-10:10 Ms. Krista
10:30-11:00 Ms. Kate
11:25-12:05 Ms. Supaydah

9:00-9:30 Ms. Upshaw
1:50-2:30 Ms. G
2:40-3:20 Mr. Evan (brought by Ms. Megan)

9:00-9:25 Aimee/Jason
10:30-11:10 Ms. Lindquist
1:50-2:30 Teacher Tyler
2:40-3:20 Ms. Megan

Seattle Public Schools Online Resources

Usually, I teach students about these in the library but this year I’m sending a video. I hope you find it useful!

Seattle Public Library

Library Link for All Grades!

All students K-12, can now access SPL resources and books without a library card! You need a library account number and a PIN. I’ve included some information below on how to do it!

Library Account Number 990000  (four zeroes) followed by your 7-digit student ID number to create a 13-digit number. If your  student ID  is 1234567, your  Library account number  is 9900001234567 

(If you’re not sure of your student’s ID, please reach out to me or your teacher. It’s found on the source, on progress reports and all teachers have access to it on PowerTeacher.)

PIN You will need a four-digit PIN to log in to your account. A PIN was created automatically when your account was set up. PINs are the student’s birth month and day. For example if you were born on November 7th, your PIN is 1107.

Coding at Home!

Computer Science at Home offers a nice range of coding activities from pre-reader games to online courses for older students. 

Schoology How-to’s

Here are some directions for accessing Schoology.

Online Books Available at Seattle Public Library

Here are some great sites that you can access through the Seattle Public Library. You don’t even need a card! You do need your your ID#. You can ask your teachers, or you can ask me for this information. 

​​Hoopla is a website provided by the Seattle Public Library that has digital comics, audio books, music, movies and more! Hoopla is one website that requires an additional account to be created besides the students’ Library Link accounts.

We use the following information to create accounts with Hoopla. Email: SPS username+@seattleschools.org Password: 8 digit birthdate MMDDYYYY​

Visit the Hoopla page


You can use the website or download the free Libby app.

  1. “Do you have a library card?” YES.
  2. Choose “I’ll search for a library” and type in “Seattle,” then select “Seattle Public Library.”
  3. Click “Enter Library Account Details” and enter this info: 

Your library card is  99 0000  followed by your  7-digit student ID #  (Look it up on the Source).

Your PIN is your birthdate in  mmdd  format. Do not include the year. (Ex. April 3rd = 0403)

Once you’re signed in, you can scroll through lists, click the “Explore” button to see different collections, or search for a title or author.

Use the “Refine” button to narrow your search by ebook vs. audiobook, language, titles available now, etc. Check out a book immediately or place a hold on it if you have to wait.

OverDrive Kids

There are over 400 titles in the Seattle Public Library kids’ e-book collection.

Reading Resources Without Logins

No Sign-Ins Needed

Teen Book Cloud 

Access Teen Book Cloud without signing in or go through Seattle Public Library’s  webpage of books & reading resources. Available during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to Tumblebooks.

Audio Book Club  

Listen to streaming audiobooks from dozens of genres and interest levels. Over 1,200 titles including popular literature, classics, children’s and teen books, mystery, sci-fi, history, and biography. Access generously provided by TumbleBooks during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tumble Math

Math concepts taught through stories and literature. This collection of math stories combines animation, narration, and sound to teach math concepts focusing on grades K-6.

Additional Resources

Author/Illustrator Websites