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Khadijo Abdirahman

Abdirahman, Khadijo

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Appleyard, Tracy


This is my 7th year as a Teacher Librarian.

I strive to provide all of your technology, information and reading needs!

My hope is that when you walk into the library at Orca K-8, you feel represented on the shelves and that you feel safe and welcome in the space.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and animals. I'm happiest with a good book, eating delicious food and spending time in nature.

Baisden, Thomas

Assistant Principal & 504 Building Coordinator, Homeless Program/McKinney Vento Program Building contact

I am available at Bryant on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternating Wednesdays.  I am available at Orca on Thursdays, Fridays and alternating Wednesdays.

Bellamy, Ash

Bellamy, Ash

4th Grade Teacher
Alem Beyene

Bogrow, Chelsea

School Counselor
Cusack, Elena

Cusack, Elena

2nd Grade Teacher
Karen Deeter

Deeter, Karen


Dupuis, Tyler

Kindergarten Teacher
Sara Goff

Goff, Sara

5th Grade Teacher

Hello Orca! I'm so excited to work together. I am passionate about teaching English Language Arts--reading and writing are my hobbies, and I'm so lucky to be able to pursue them at work. Outside of school I love to bake, spend time outdoors, and play with my two rescue dogs, Sloopy and T-Rex.

Emily Goldstein

Goldstein, Emily

Physical Therapist
Kati Gratz

Gratz, Kati

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Laura Grow

Grow, Laura

This is my fifteenth-year teaching in Seattle Public Schools! My fourth year teaching Physical Education to all grade levels at Orca K-8.   In addition to teaching, I love to read, spend time with my family, and be active outdoors.  I have a strong focus on equity and healthy communities.

Remember to be active at least 60 minutes a day & wear your helmet!

Aimee Hall

Hall, Aimee

Teacher-Middle School
Emily Hellenkamp

Hellenkamp, Emily

Speech Language Pathologist
Usana Jordan

Jordan, Usana

Bilingual Teacher
Kendrix, Barbara

Kendrix, Barbara

Special Education

Kendrix, Barbara J

Le, Ho Phi