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    Welcome to Orca!

    Greetings from Ms. Appleyard!

    We're not physically in the building but I'm still here and have great resources for students on reading, researching, producing and engaging.

    I will be coming to the K-5th grades' Teams meetings for 30 minutes a week.

    Please continue to reach out for book suggestions, tech help and any other inquiries you might have. I hope you are well.

    Library Book Check Out Opportunities!

    Library book pick up will happen the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at the main entrance of Orca. Please come between 1:00-3:00 on those days if you are able. If these days and times don't work for you, please reach out for alternative pick up opportunities.

    How to Place an Online Hold

    Here's a video which shows how to put books on hold using our online catalog. Your student can check out 5 books at a time and keep them for 2 weeks. They can return them at the curbside pick up dates and times. 

    Placing a Book on Holdpdf icon

    Seattle Public Schools Online Resources

    Usually, I teach students about these in the library but this year I’m sending a video. I hope you find it useful!

    How to Find and Use Online Databases for Research

    screenshot of SPS website

    Seattle Public Library

    Library Link for All Grades!

    All students K-12, can now access SPL resources and books without a library card! You need a library account number and a PIN. I’ve included some information below on how to do it!

    Library Account Number990000 (four zeroes) followed by your 7-digit student ID number to create a 13-digit number. If your student ID is 1234567, your Library account number is 9900001234567 

    (If you’re not sure of your student’s ID, please reach out to me or your teacher. It’s found on the source, on progress reports and all teachers have access to it on PowerTeacher.)

    PIN You will need a four-digit PIN to log in to your account. A PIN was created automatically when your account was set up. PINs are the student’s birth month and day. For example if you were born on November 7th, your PIN is 1107.

    Coding at Home! offers a nice range of coding activities from pre-reader games to online courses for older students. 

    Schoology How-to's

    Here are some directions for accessing Schoology.

    How to get to Schoology and to Log In All students have accounts. They don’t need to create them. They just need to find Schoology and log in.

    How to create an account as a parent This is not necessary, but some parents want to create an account as well.

    How to get to Schoology from a cell phone

    Online Books Available at Seattle Public Library

    Here are some great sites that you can access through the Seattle Public Library. You don't even need a card! You do need your your ID#. You can ask your teachers, or you can ask me for this information. 


    Librarian: Tracy Appleyard

    Librarian Weekly Schedule

    8:55-9:25 Ms. Lindquist
    9:30-10 Raven
    10:45-11:15 Phi Ho

    8:55-9:25 Mr. Perkiss
    9:30-10 Ms. Deeter
    10:45-11:15 Ms. Krista

    8:55-9:25 Ms. Supaydah
    9:30-10 Mr. Zimmerman
    10:15-10:45 Ms. Miller

    8:55-9:25 Ms. French
    10:15-10:45 Ms. Jeschke

    8:55-9:25 Ms. Gibbons
    10:15-10:45 Marletta

    Additional Resources