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Orca’s Famous Garden Program

Watch a video about Orca’s garden program, produced by Orca parent, Jim Meyers.

Orca has a fully integrated sustainability, environmental science, and organic gardening program for all K-6 students. They explore the relationships between humans and food in exciting and delicious ways. Students learn firsthand about nutrition, through cooking and tasting what they grow. Our school garden has many herbs, vegetables, and fruits that are all grown and maintained by students. The garden also allows us to impact the health of our community by growing food for the Rainier Valley Food Bank. Students also explore local ecology by learning about NW native plants and salmon ecology. We raise salmon every year that are released at Seward Park by students. We try to use the garden and local community as a living, breathing outdoor classroom.

Orca has a comprehensive composting and recycling program also. Last year we composted 5,000 pounds of lunchroom waste to Cedar Grove and 800 pounds of fruits and vegetables into our on-site worm bins. Students do all the sorting and get to engage in sustainable practices firsthand.

Our legendary Orca plant sale happens every year in May. Students grow thousands of starter plants that will grow gardens all around Seattle. Leftover organic starter plants are then donated to over 20 different non-profits, schools, and community gardens. These plants become a living tool for social justice. Come experience the legendary Orca tomatoes!

Please visit the Orca Garden Blog which has been running for 4 years now. It is updated weekly and features many of the fun and exciting activities that happen in the garden. We are almost at 50,000 views!

If you are interested in a tour or have any questions, please contact garden coordinator Anthony Warner at apwarner@seattleschools.org or 206-252-6918.