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High School Registration Information and Resources

It’s time to begin thinking about high school registration for next year. This is new to some of you, so I’m here to answer any questions you may have! Here are some things you and your 8th grader should start discussing:

What is my feeder/neighborhood high school?

Start here by finding out what your neighborhood/feeder school is. There is a map attached below to help you visualize your neighborhood school, as well as all other choice schools near you.

Is this the best high school for me?

Do some research about your neighborhood school. What classes do they offer? What extracurriculars are you interested in? What sports/clubs are offered at this school?

If my neighborhood school is not the best, what are my high school choice options?

Attend one of the Open Houses available for each school! This will help you gain more insight into what makes each school unique, and help you decide where to go.

If you decide that your neighborhood school isn’t the best fit, you will need to fill out the Student Choice Form once open enrollment begins on February 1st. Make sure your contact information is updated on The Source (this is how the district will contact you). I will send out another email once open enrollment begins to help walk you through that process.

Email jnmotsenbock@seattleschools.org with any questions or concerns!